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Entry #6

Primordial soup

2014-01-23 17:34:22 by WallofYawn

In the forest I have dreamed

of vast chaotic things

dimensions of reality yet to be seen

in the darkness where I sit

i focus on the bliss

brought forth by beautiful silence

my thoughts come to pass

when i refill that glass

and exhume the remains of my soul

from the molten ash below

my heart cries out in pain

when i see what i disdain

has taken form and stares me in the face

how can i then begin to refrain

when the memory has now stained

my concience it has dwained

as the cosmic energy pangs

on the drums of thoughts remained

from the fears and doubts of yesterday

so i exhume those ashes

and reorganize the chaos 

the parts of me that clashes

and vibrates through the cosmos

in the forest where i dream.



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