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another lyric

2011-12-10 06:47:10 by WallofYawn

I've been sitting here,
thinking about the good times we had,
seems so crystal clear,
all of the good along with the bad,
it all disappears,
when I am around the people I love,
it's like an hour glass filled with sand.

And I know, I need to take it a step at a time,
and live each day like it were my last,
cause the clock is something you can't rewind,
time passes by you so damn fast.

Put the past behind you and soldier on,
because the day is just about done,
if you waste your life, living in the past,
then you're never gonna have any fun.

Fuck those, who try and tell you this and that,
I tell em, don't you tread on me,
because liberty and freedom are now second class,
and soon you'll be another detainee.

For speaking your mind, you'll be locked inside,
of a maximum penetentiary,
because of the national defense authorization act,
which is destructive to our liberty.

Fuck AUMF, fuck the IRA, fuck the F motherfuckin CC.
Yes, I'm saying fuck, so I can prove a point, obviously.

Is it for shock value, is it for emphasis, I think you'll be the judge,
but soon we won't have freedom of speech, cause of the assholes reigning above.

They're all lazy bastards, who are persistent after, all the joy and laughter,
at the expense of everything that is. They're ok with tobacco and alcohol,
but they hate on cannabis.

Do nothing congress, our freedom's at stake, I say let's impeach them all,
the only motherfucker that makes half a lick of sense, is senator Ron Paul.

So, I urge you all, before it's too late, live each day, in your own special way.
Don't let them oppress, and alienate. Seems about time to overthrow this state.

This is just a sample, another example, of an attempt at a rhyme, by that wallofyawn guy.


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2013-02-10 14:07:31

Congrats, you're the User of the Day.

WallofYawn responds:

user of the day? Didn't even have a clue. Right on. Thank you.


2014-01-18 12:08:14

So very cool

Me likey