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rap(patented) I wrote

2011-11-05 12:43:03 by WallofYawn

note: this rhyme/lyric I invented, is patented, so if you steal it, and attempt to pass it off as your own, I will be forced to take legal action.


back in the day,
I was a hednostic,
bastard who was persistant,
after all the joy and laughter.

As a matter of fact,
I was always too crass,
seemed to sit on my ass,
and watch the world pass.

But now I've been reborn,
yo, I've changed my ways,
and I cherish the time I'm given,
each and every day.

I ignore the haters cause they give me no pay,
and to all of my critics, I won't be diswaged.

Listen to the words I speak, forget about the folks
who's whole existance is bleak. They choke cause they're broke you see.

And not broke financially, they're broken mentally,
because they can't see beyond all the crime and poverty.
It's sublime novelty, nostalgic to see, a broke economy.
And what's left for me? and what am I to believe?

We need a new way, a new day, to usher in the new age.
No more corporate greed, it's a tragedy to see,
all the potentiality, flushed down the drain, it's like an ugly stain,
on a beautiful dress and I won't be depressed, I just hope for best,
and forget about all the rest.

You jest.


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2011-11-10 15:51:05

text in a box is not a rap

WallofYawn responds:

true, but when I rap it, it's a rap. lol. Yea, it's what we call lyrics.


2011-11-12 13:27:21

Your "america is not a democracy" video is similar to assassin's creed glyphs' enigmas.

WallofYawn responds:

Which one? I never played any of the Assassin's Creed games, but I looked that up after I read your post. How is it similar, and which glyph are you talking about? Apparently there are 3. The last one is a truth enigma, with no wrong answer? I dunno, never played the game.


2011-11-13 07:33:58

dont fuqq wit me nigguh im tryin 2 get paper dawg check yo build homie

WallofYawn responds:

lol, ok? Not sure what that's all about, but alright. And the correct slang term for cash is "mad duckets" lol. ;)


2011-11-19 01:09:08

ill fuck your wife while the bitch snorts nigguh wearing swin shorts nigguh

WallofYawn responds:

Jokes on you, I don't have a wife.(thank god)


2011-11-19 03:56:20

im stealin dis shit

WallofYawn responds:

No you're not. *Yoink.

It's copywritten dude, and even if it wasn't, you'd be a dick either way. Don't wanna be like Lars Ulrich, do you bro?


2011-12-04 23:44:33

you jest