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Frequency Route

2011-02-02 19:18:50 by WallofYawn

Is it a voice within,

like a plant with roots embedded,

stretching vital signals thin,

with no idea of where it's headed?

Within every living object,

driving frequencies apart,

something only few detect,

what escapes the fractured heart?

Is it something quite abstract,

made of false realities,

is it like a heart attack,

seazing, giving way to thee?

Like a tree with branches spread,

both near and far apart,

what becomes of human souls,

when man has lost his mortal heart?


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2011-02-15 17:56:06

Wow, that was breathtaking :)
It truly was amazing that poem you wrote

WallofYawn responds:

thank you, I really appreciate that.


2011-03-16 11:49:00

where did you go

WallofYawn responds:

to the moon and back baby. Nah, I was traveling with the carnival and didn't have web access. I'm back now tho, and have a new career and permanent web access.


2011-10-29 19:23:02